Racial concepts and the Jena six

downloadI wrote “Racial concepts and the Jena six,” for The Christian Science Sentinel, in response to the racial unrest in Jena, Louisiana that made international news. Working on this piece I learned that individuals are beginning to explore the issue of race and racism from a more heightened and sober perspective.

The PBS special, RACE-The Power of Illusion explores the concept of race. In the special, Biological Anthropologist, Alan Goodman said, “To understand why the idea of race is a biological myth requires a major paradigm shift, a shift in perspective…race is not based on biology but race is rather an idea that we ascribe to biology.”

Speaking to this fact of race as an idea or concept, Sociologist, Melvin Oliver said, “The markers of race, skin color, hair texture, the things we identify as the racial markers, mean nothing unless they are given social meaning and unless there’s public policy and private actions that act upon those characteristics.”

RACE-The Power of Illusion is an interactive site. You’ll find a list of background readings, resources for teachers and discussion guides. Check it out.

I have the habit of addressing troubling local and global challenges from a spiritual perspective. Doing so has brought me much peace and healing.

Spirituality.com is a wonderful resource. The website is designed to heal, inspire, and guide you on your spiritual journey through the many resources of The Christian Science Publishing Society. You’ll find links to read the Bibleas well as Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.


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