Capon Anyone?

plainclothesmanQUESTION: Hey Plainclothesman, I’ve been burning to ask you this….over the holidays…Thanksgiving to be exact, I waited til Thanksgiving morning to go shopping. The only fresh bird Kroger had left was a Capon, which I later learned was a neutered Rooster. Thank goodness I chose Salmon! Anyway, a friend of my Mom’s told me that  it actually tastes pretty good. Go figure. What can you tell me about Capon? Have you had it? Is it good?


Capon For Thanksgiving 2010.

SCUTTLEBUTT: A well informed Arkansan who has lived in this state well over 50 years told Mrs. Plainclothesman that Governor Winthrop Rockefeller introduced Capon to Arkansas and had it imported here from New York.

For the skinny and more check out The Plainclothesman at The Sync Weekly.


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