A tribute to Martin Luther King

PressChristianScienceMonitorA tribute to Martin Luther King” was published January 14, 2011.  It’s an honor to be published in The Christian Science Monitor.  Here’s an excerpt from the piece.

I work for a quasi-judicial regulatory civil rights agency that enforces the Fair Housing Act. This position provides me with many opportunities to consider the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and his contribution to the pursuit of fair housing.

What impresses me most about Dr. King, however, is his search for God and truth. What he gleaned and subsequently put into practice left an indelible imprint on the United States and the world.

King’s essay “Pilgrimage to Nonviolence” chronicles his consecrated study of God and His creation. He concludes that essay in part by saying: “In the midst of outer dangers I have felt an inner calm and known resources of strength that only God could give. In many instances I have felt the power of God transforming the fatigue of despair into the buoyancy of hope. I am convinced that the universe is under the control of a loving purpose and that in the struggle for righteousness man has cosmic companionship.”

Click here to read the rest of this article.


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