How to magnify your message: Jodie Spears

how-to-magnify-your-message Jordan SpearsThoma Thoma’s Jodie Spears heads up their public relations efforts. According to their website Spears’ “possesses an uncommon amount of tenacity.” With 20 years of experience as both a journalist and public relations professional, her bio shares she has a unique perspective that enables her to successfully collaborate with the media to get results. Her efforts are always objective-based and grounded in strategy, which yield authentic connections between customers and the business and non-profit clients she serves.

Spears sounds like she would be a neat person to shadow for a day -and learn somethang.

In this offering from Thoma Thoma’s blog (which is quite good by the way) Spears shares “How to magnify your message and get the most out of media relations.”

Here’s an excerpt from her post.

“Nobody consumes media or brand messages in neat categorized boxes like they’re items divided in a tinfoil TV dinner tray circa 1974. Consumers pull information from a variety of sources seamlessly as they move through their day. And our messages should be part of that.”

Click here to read the post in its entirety. Enjoy.



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