Little Free Library planted in downtown Little Rock

Little-Free-Library---KB2015We have a new mini library in the downtown Little Rock neighborhood. Installed Sunday evening, August 9, 2015, in the Pettaway Neighborhood, the library was won in a Chronicle Books essay contest about the neighborhood and why we should have a mini library.

The goal of the mini library is to further community engagement, inspire reading, handling books, visiting and exploring libraries.

The first mini  library I saw was in El Dorado, Arkansas. It was located in their historic and revitalized downtown. An old telephone booth on a street corner filled with books was their mini library. Last summer I returned to El Dorado for a meeting and after dinner one night saw a teenager sitting next to it engrossed in a book he apparently got from the mini library. So cool and inspiring, I thought to myself, “that mini library will certainly contribute to the sustainability  of the City’s downtown revitalization efforts.”

I can’t say how the mini library will benefit our neighborhood but my wish is that it will inspire reading and a love for reading. I hope it will inspire people to visit our great and diverse neighborhood. I hope it will further community engagement, love and support for our neighborhood. Our mini library kind of looks like and inspired totem pole of sorts that I hope exudes some of the rich and historic character of the neighborhood. I hope the mini library will inspire children of all ages and their parents to frequent the two local libraries near the neighborhood (both within walking distance).

I would like to think the purpose of the mini library (or at least my purpose in installing it) is to turn on the light within us often referred to as curiosity, wonder, and joy.
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette published a note about this Little Free Library. Click here to read it.

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