According to Ife Opportunity’s My Universe Report, this event was designed to (1) illustrate the vast scale, elegance, and beauty of our universe; (2) teach key concepts about our solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, and our universe; and (3) help close the STEM opportunity divide; the race, class, and geography based inequities in knowledge of and access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and careers.

This flyer was used to get the word out and advance Ife’s work in our community. This flyer was shared via social media (facebook, twitter) and appeared in a community listserve. Seventeen people registered for the event. Eleven people participated in the My Universe Astronomy Workshop. Check out the report here.


Ife Opportunity’s inaugural event was the 2014 Hour of Code. It hosted the session as part of International Computer Science Education Week. Open to elementary and middle school age children and their parents. The event was designed to (1) introduce students to computer science; (2) support development of logical and critical thinking skills; and (3) help close the digital divide; the race, class, and geography based inequities in knowledge of and access to information and communications technologies.

This flyer was used invite children and their parents to participate in this event. It was posted on school bulletin boards, shared via social media (twitter, facebook), and a community listserve. 45 people (children, parents and volunteers) participated in this community event. You can read the Ife Opportunity 2014 Hour of Code Final Report here.




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